Greenergy Inc. Organic Vinegar Based Garden and Farm Products
Greenergy, Inc. Fly Trap
  1. Remove cap from top of bottle
  2. Add water to approximately 1/2 to 3/4 full
  3. Warm water preferred
  4. Pull the string to close roof top to trap
  5. Hang traps about 4 feet from ground
  6. You may catch other insects as well as flies
  7. Place out when flies first start to appear
  8. Toss in the trash after a month
After a month - throw trap in garbage Place traps out in early spring. In States where temperatures do not reach freezing, traps may be hung out according to the direction for use.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use
not in accordance with directions for use and maintenance.
Traps will catch GNATS AND FLIES. All kinds of fruit gnats and pest that circle around dead or discarded veggies and fruit that is rotten and decomposing. Flies are looking for sweat or blood and the smell of rot, sweet, blood and breathe will bring the flies and gnats around. Wine is a favorite to gnats, and sweat and blood is preferred for flies. Set the trap near where the infestation is present. Clean the area to reduce infestation.

Traps will catch NO-SEE-UMS, PUNKIES, and SAND FLIES ---These blood sucking midges are not uniformly distributed but occur locally in numbers sufficient to make them almost intolerable. They bite chiefly in the evening and very early in he morning. Most species are attracted to this trap. They are most prevalent from mid-to late summer. In some species the bite is very burning and painful, and the victim is likely to be astonished when he notes the extremely small size of the very small creature that inflicted it.

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