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Greenergy, Inc. Mosquito Trap
  1. Remove cap from top of plastic bottle
  2. Pour contents of bag labeled A
  3. Pull string to close top roof of bottle
  4. Ready for hanging trap
  5. Hang trap about 4 feet from ground
  6. After 4 weeks toss in trash
  7. Keep away from children and animals
After a month - throw trap in garbage. Place traps out in early spring. In States where temperatures do not reach freezing, traps may be hung out according to the direction for use.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use
not in accordance with directions for use and maintenance.
Traps will catch the MOSQUITOES that carries many human and animal diseases. Mosquitoes will drill into the skin, pump an enzyme under the skin, pump up the blood with the enzyme. Most itching or chafing starts after the insect has flown off leaving some of the enzyme behind under the skin. The enzymes are where the diseases are transmitted. The common Culex mosquito holds the body paralleled to the surface when it bites.The Mosquitoes are the know carriers of Dengue or Breakbone Fever. It occurs in our southern states, but is more prevalent in the tropics. Dengue fever will be in all the southern United States in 1998. Animals Attacked,---Mosquitoes bite all kinds of warm-blooded animals, especially domestic and wild mammals and even such creatures as snakes and turtles. While the diseases just discussed are known to be troublesome only in man, Mosquitoes transmit diseases of other animals, such as Equine Encephalomyelitis and Bird Malaria.
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