Greenergy Inc. Organic Vinegar Based Garden and Farm Products
Greenergy Inc. Organic Vinegar Based Garden and Farm Products
  1. Remove cap from top of plastic bottle
  2. Add water to approximately to full
  3. Warm water is preferred
  4. Pull string to close roof top to trap
  5. Hang traps about 4 feet from ground
  6. Hang away from dwelling
  7. May catch some other insects
  8. Hang when pest is first seen
  9. Toss in trash after 4 weeks
Be careful when approaching or adding to trap, at night or early mornings are when yellowjacket are less alert. After a month - throw trap into garbage. Place traps out in early Spring or with the first sign of yellowjackets. In states where temperatures do not reach freezing, traps may be hung out according to the directions for use. If yellowjacket nests are known, then place traps approximately 15 to 25 feet away. Always place traps away from home, garden and activities.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use
not in accordance with directions for use and maintenance.
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